Fast, Secure and Reliable Aid Delivery

Humansis is the web based platform that organisations use to ensure they can reach their beneficiaries wherever they are, quickly and securely.

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Laptop in a disaster zone

Best Practice Security

SSL Web Application with Encrypted Database.

Audit Trail

Transaction and User Audit Trails for transparency and accountability.

Offline Support

Progressive web application (PWA) with offline functionality.

Project Management

Organise your project, distributions and activities in one place.

Vendor Application

Simple to use, native Android app
with offline service.

Centralised Dashboard

Visualise and manage all your information from one location.

Helping Those on the Move

At any one time in the world, there are millions of displaced people who need assistance. Our platform makes it easier to reach these people, with faster registration and verification, advanced modality delivery and offline availability when needed.

Third Party Connections

Humansis connects seamlessly with many of the most widely used financial services, data collection tools and government databases.

Next-gen Aid Delivery

Humansis provides a more open, secure, functional and easy to use method of aid delivery, promoting transparency, and reducing opportunities for fraud and data theft. The system can collect, store and validate identifying information on the most vulnerable and hard to reach populations around the world, recording data in a secure online record, encrypted and obscured in a cloud-based database.

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Aid Delivery

Cloud-based Reliability

No longer rely on insecure spreadsheets and databases located on laptops and other forms of local storage.

24-7 availability. Backed Up. Secure.

Global Reach

Available over the Internet from anywhere in the world, scalable at a moment’s notice. Support for multiple languages and currencies. API Connectivity to many of the humanitarian communities established tools.

Built From Field Experience

Tested and used by the people on the ground who depend on it to make their work easier. Intuitive, yet powerful, the platform is easy to learn, but has all the functionality to deliver aid more quickly and efficiently.


The Humansis platform has been developed by People in Need with the financial assistance of the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations and the software design of Relief Applications.

Relief Applications
People In Need
European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid


Developers - Humansis is an open source project relying on a community of developers. Do not hesitate to contact us to get involved as a contributor. Check out our respoisotry on Github

Organisations - You can use, share, install, deploy the Humansis source code for free. If you have any question or comments do not hesitate to send us a message. We welcome comments and contributions!